Ribbon Blender

  • U-shaped horizontal trough containing a rotating double helical ribbon or paddle agitator.
  • Clearance of 3 – 6 mm is maintained
  • Charging material is through top nozzles. Discharge through bottom valve.
  • Working capacity ranges from 40 – 70 % of total volumetric capacity.
  • Blending time – 15 to 20 minutes,
  • 90 to 95 percent or better homogeneity.
  • Specific power – 5 to 12 kW/m3
  • Ribbons are Best suited for free flowing and cohesive products.


AbrasivesPesticides and herbicidesEpoxy resinsBakery premixesPharmaceuticals

Face powders

Cake mixes

Plastic powders

Fire retardants


PVC compounding

Instant breakfast cereals

Dietary supplements

Talcum powders

Laundry detergents

Metal cleaning compounds

Engineered plastic resinsAnimal feedsPet foodsEye shadowBird seeds



Carbon black



Cleaning compounds

Spice blends

Instant drink blends

Dried food products

Dry flavors

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